Bleached Cotton Linters/Cellulose Pulp is manufactured from Raw Cotton Linters of the Mill Run and Second Cut type.
Raw Cotton Linters are preferred since they contain the highest proportion of cellulose with minimum amounts of non-cellulosic material as compared to other source of Cellulose like Wood Pulp.

Cotton Linter Pulp is available in 5 grades,

Grade I : Highly purified cellulose for production of Industrial Notrocellulose, Cellulose Acetate & Speciality Papers.

Grade II : Cotton linters pulp with medium to low viscosity used for manufacturer of Propellant Grade Nitrocellulose.

Grade III : Cotton Linter Pulp with high brightness for production of speciality Papers, Boards & Pads.

Grade IV : Very high to medium Viscosity Bleached cotton linters for manufacture of Cellulose Ethers such as CMC, PAC etc.

Grade V : Unbleached Cotton Linters with high viscousity for Expolsive Grade Nitrocellulose.

Specification of all 5 grades are available at Product Specifications.

Apart from the above 5 grades, Cotton Linter Pulp as per individual customer requirements can be made available, depending on the technical & commercial feasibility of the requisite product.